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Alat Bantu Forensika Komputer

digital forensic

Defenisi :

Forensics is the process of using scientific knowledge for collecting, analyzing, and presenting evidence to the courts.

Computer Forensics as the discipline that combines elements of law and computer science to collect and analyze data from computer systems, networks, wireless communications, and storage devices in a way that is admissible as evidence in a court of law.

The main GOAL of computer forensics is to identify, collect, preserve, and analyze data in a way that preserves the integrity of the evidence collected so it can be used effectively in a legal case.

Two basic types of data are collected in computer forensics. Persistent data is the data that is stored on a local hard drive (or another medium) and is preserved when the computer is turned off. Volatile data is any data that is stored in memory, or exists in transit, that will be lost when the computer loses power or is turned off. Volatile data resides in registries, cache, and random access memory (RAM). Since volatile data is ephemeral, it is essential an investigator knows reliable ways to capture it


Beberapa tool populer sebagai alat bantu Forensika Komputer, diklasifikasi  berdasarkan fitur-fitur yang dimiliki seperti berikut :

  • Disk and data capture tools
  • File Viewer
  • File Analysis Tools
  • Registry Analysis Tools
  • Internet Analysis Tools
  • Email Analysis Tools
  • Mobile Device Analysis Tools
  • MacOS Analysis Tools
  • Network Forensics Tools
  • Database Forensics Tools



Digital Forensics Framework   |

Open Computer Forensics Architecture     |

Computer Aided Investigative Environment  |

X-Way Forensics    |

SANS Investigative Forensics Toolkit      |

EnCase    |

Registry Recon    |

The Sleuth Kit      |

Libforensics          |

Volatility                |

WindowsSCOPE   |

The Coroner’s Toolkit    |

Oxygen Forensics Suite    |

Bulk Extractor      |

Xplico    |

sumber :

Computer Forensics CheatSheet


Mahasiswa Pasca Sarjana Fakultas Ilmu Komputer Universitas Putra Indonesia "YPTK" Padang.

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